Again a signature of Artaş

Artaş, which has transformed Atakent into one of the most popular districts of Istanbul with the projects it has built since 2006, is once again bringing happiness to Atakent with a dream project.

It adds thousands of smiling faces to the pleasant world of Avrupa Konutları.


Avrupa Konutları Ata, which rises on 30 acres of land, consists of 413 flats in 5 blocks in total. Avrupa Konutları, with its flats opening to the garden, large and rich landscape area, reflection pools, social areas, stores and aesthetic architecture, makes a privileged life in Atakent, the shining star region of Istanbul.

Avrupa Konutları Ata has flat options from 1+1 to 4+1 designed for different expectations. Housing designs where naturalness comes to life take your dreams to the center. Avrupa Konutları Ata, consisting of 413 flats and commercial units, invites you and your loved ones to a fairytale happiness.


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